CEREC has changed the way Evergreen Dental dentists perform patient restorations. CEREC dentistry is a system that allows you to have your crown fitted during one single dental visit. The whole procedure takes only about an hour. With the system a dentist can make a crown, veneer or inlay in a single visit. This is normally a procedure that would take two weeks time when customized in a lab.

During your visit an Evergreen Dental dentist in Fargo will prepare your tooth in the way he or she normally would before fitting a crown or veneer. Then, instead of using putty to take an impression of your tooth a digital image is taken using a special camera. Then, the image is converted into a 3D computerized model of your tooth. This model is used to create your new tooth.

Once your dentist is satisfied with your newly designed tooth, the data is sent to an onsite milling machine that fabricates your new tooth from a high quality ceramic block. The process of milling the new tooth can take anywhere from 6 to 30 minutes. The most recent CEREC MCXL milling machine can make a crown in as little as 6 minutes.

The ceramic blocks that the teeth are milled from come in a variety of shades and colors. The block used for your tooth will be selected to match your surrounding teeth. Once the crown or veneer has been milled your dentist may need to stain it to match your surrounding teeth. Then, they will polish it and glaze it in a furnace. Next, your new crown or veneer will be cemented into place on your prepared tooth.

CEREC dentistry allows you to have your crown fitted during one single dental visit.Schedule Today

CEREC dentistry also has several advantages over conventional, laboratory-made restorations. First and foremost, everything is carried out in one visit. Next, you only need one set up anesthetic injections because the entire procedure can be completed in an hour. Your dentist is in complete control of the final result because the finished crown or veneer is crafted by your dentist from start to finish. Plus, you don’t have to deal with any temporary restorations.

The benefits to CEREC far outweigh and negatives there might be about it. It is the ideal way to replace or repair a tooth. You can have your repair done before anyone can even notice you need one. Contact us today to discuss getting fitted for your custom made crown, all in one appointment!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I benefit from CEREC?

Absolutely! CEREC can help anyone who needs an inlay, onlay, crown, bridge or even veneers. It takes only seconds to get accurate and detailed images of your teeth.

What should I expect from a CEREC dentist in Fargo / Moorhead?

CEREC takes only seconds to obtain digital images. Your dentist will then use CEREC’s CAD/CAM technology to virtually design a restoration. The amount of time this takes depends on your dentist’s skill and experience using CEREC, as well as the complexity of your restoration.

What are the long-term results with CEREC?

Following the placement of a crown or other restoration, you may feel some sensitivity for a few days. Though exact experiences vary from patient to patient, you can expect a crown produced using CEREC technology to last you many years so long as you use good oral hygiene and are not grinding your teeth.

Is CEREC a new 'Experimental' technology?

CEREC is a German technology that was first developed more than 30 years ago! Today, CEREC is setting new standards in dentistry and constantly evolving to adapt to the demands of dentists and their patients. When you choose a Fargo / Moorhead dentist specializing in CEREC assisted restorations, you are choosing a dentist who is dedicated to accuracy, efficiency and durability.

Advantages with CEREC

No unpleasant impression material

Say goodbye to biting on impression material for
several minutes, having a numb mouth and jaw
ache. Your dentist now has a camera that can
capture your full dentition in seconds and then
transfer this to the computer.

No bothersome temporary prosthesis

Temporary prostheses are exactly what the name
suggests: temporary. With CEREC the final
prosthesis is inserted directly without any temporary
compromises needed.

No follow-up appointment

CEREC enables your dentist to insert esthetic
ceramic crowns or partial crowns in a single session..

Long-term stability

More than just a theory: With CEREC you can rely on
quality that has been proven millions of times over in
the practice. Furthermore, thanks to your new dental
prosthesis made by CEREC, your smile will be just as
lovely many years later as it is directly after receiving
the prosthesis.

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